The Workshop.

This program is for you if…

...you’ve lost touch with your intuition.

...you're trying to connect with and love your body as it is but don’t know exactly how to do that.

...you don’t know how to begin, or maintain, a consistent spiritual practice.

...you’re in romantic and platonic relationships that your spirit has outgrown.

...you feel called to participate politically but don’t know where to start. 

...you have traumas and history you need to unpack.

...you often feel alone and a little lost in your self discovery work.

...you want some guidance and support in going deeper, in looking at the areas of your life where you are stuck and you’d like some accountability and community in that process.

...you’re ready to do some work, to shift some patterns, to spend some time with and on yourself.

...you’re ready to get free.

This is a year long, self-exploration program, with the support of a community of women trying to figure a lot of the same shit out.

It will not be answers—only you can find those. But it will be a lot of questions—that truthfully many of us are asking. I have been getting free for a long time, and do have some wisdom and tools to share (and I am eager to hear yours as well). But I am always uncovering new areas to heal, detaching from old stories, challenging patterns that don’t feel right anymore. I have never felt more dialed in, more raw, and more ready. I will be getting free right along side you. 

Like my Instagram, much of the group will be organic, led by whats on my heart and coming through my gut—touching on the full spectrum of women’s work. But you will also be receiving structured content through monthly videos and exercises on the themes of spirituality, body work, heart healing, the home and how to live in it, motherhood, ritual, friendship, trauma healing, activism, self image, style, sexuality, purpose, food and health, money management and intuition.

Basically I’m gonna tell you the core of what I know, and all the things I don’t. But most of all I’m gonna share the shit I’m just starting to figure out—we’re going to change together. 


love and liberation,