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What Getting Free 2019 is:

A place for questions. More questions than answers. A container for vulnerability and community. A commitment. To show up. For yourself and others. A practice in integration, risk-taking, devotion. A safe place to land when life feels scary. A place to unpack shit, with support.

What Getting Free 2019 it is not:

Therapy. (I highly suggest it but I am not a therapist. I am not an expert in mental illness or trauma).

A graduate-level program. If you have done decades of spiritual/self/liberatory work—this may not be the right fit for you unless you are hoping to share your wisdom with others or are in need of accountability.

A self-guided program. While I may eventually create a downloadable, DIY version of some sort, one of the primary goals of this program is to process collectively, to give and receive support while asking the hard questions and doing the hard work—together.

A product you buy and consume. It is an experience, a commitment, a risk, an offering.

The answer to all your problems. Getting Free is our life’s work. I hope you will finish the program with new tools, new friends, and new visions of yourself and your life but the journey is long and this is only a year of it.

A place for folks who aren’t interested in examining privilege or connecting the dots between personal and political liberation.

If you’re ready to Get Free, simply choose the way you’d like to enroll below.