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Let’s Get Free.Together.

a year of radical togetherness. a year of observing our investment in stories and systems that keep us from freedom. a year of accountability and connection. a year of unpacking and loosening. A year of creatively rebuilding—our lives and the collective imagination.

What we’re doing isn’t working. Let’s do something different.

Enrollment is closed for 2019 but sign up below to get on the waitlist and be informed when enrollment for Getting Free 2020 opens

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We will navigate through the seasons of the year together, attempting to map our own rhythms over those in nature.

Easing into the program halfway through WINTER, we will spend time slowing down, taking inventory, noticing what is and isn’t working in our lives, making connections, and practice being seen.

We will transition into SPRING—a time of intention setting, planting seeds, creating a baseline of mindfulness and self-awareness to use throughout our year together. We will explore self-discovery tools in this time, focusing on our inner lives, creating habits and rituals that support growth and magic, getting to know each other (and ourselves), unhooking from systems that keep us individually and systemically from freedom, while practicing togetherness.

We will move into SUMMER as we shift our focus to our bodies and how to be in them more fully. We will create rituals around embodiment, sexuality, and style. We will practice being seen more fully—by ourselves and the world. We will flourish and bloom wildly--and allow the world to witness us doing so. We will create practices that support our growth—ones steeped in play, creativity, and outward expression.

For FALL we will focus on togetherness—on love and relationships—platonic, romantic, political. We will assess our patterns, our conditioning around romance, connections, our needs, and our offerings. We will practice new ways of being in relation— from a place of self-awareness and devotion. We will harvest what we have planted, burn what we no longer need, and preserve what feeds us. Fall is a time of sorting/evaluating what stays and what goes. It’s essentially deconstructive and a time for letting go but also grieving what doesn’t serve.

We will end as the season switches back to WINTER, taking inventory of how we have changed and how we have stayed the same. We will notice the depth of our new roots and how they’re planted in healthier ground, after a year of cultivation. We will make commitments, to ourselves, each other, our communities. We will connect the dots, tie the bows, create new desires and devotions for our next year, our next chapter, our next Spring.

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The Details:

Program Begins January 20, 2019 and ends with an optional retreat in Los Angeles Jan 11&12, 2020!


  • A dope Getting Free Guide Workbook ⬆︎ —with activities, prompts, rituals, space to journal, draw, react, envision. Includes resources and exercises from each expert as well as key dates for the program, the seasons, and the moon.

  • Working Groups based on Shared Interests- (Motherhood, Single Motherhood, Entrepreneurship, Finances, Herbal/Lunar/Witchy Shit, Body Pain/Health, Love/Relationships, Divorce/Separation, Mental Health, Style, Body Image, Sexuality, Grief, Spirituality, Creativity/Arts, Trauma, Social Justice, or create your own)

  • 9 Recorded Interviews (based on your questions) with Experts (see below), with a corresponding worksheet (in workbook) with prompts and resources.

  • Two private Instagram pages—one led by Melinda, one for the community to share (weekends unplugged!) Instagram is where we will meet, but not where we will live. A big goal of this year and program is to help myself/other women be more intentional about our time online, and to prioritize our growth, and connection offline, IRL.

  • A live (and recorded) monthly group call with Melinda, the third Sunday of every month at 11am PST, near the full moon (Jan 20, Feb 17, Mar 17, Apr 21, May 19, Jun 21, Jul 21, Aug 18, Sep 15, Oct 20, Nov 17, Dec 15) for those who want to ask questions and unpack the month’s topic, to get in the hot-seat for guidance, and to meet regularly in small break out groups “face to face”.

  • Seasonal “Local” Meet ups—encouraged and facilitated

  • Accountability Partners/Buddies/Penpals! based on shared experience/needs 

  • discounted rates for one-on-one calls with trauma expert Khatija Dadabhoy if you need support processing heavy shit that comes up.


“From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs”-Karl Marx

$700 for the Year (or $59 a month)

$1000 for the Year (or $89 a month)*

*Includes all of the above + karmic and financial support for those paying $29 a month and a monthly chance to win a one-on-one call with Melinda

Limited $29 Spaces reserved for women of color and low income single mothers as needed. 

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Jen Lemen

On creating ritual, the path of devotion, and unmapping from capitalism

Roe Cummings

On style and minimalism

Khatija Dadabhoy

On trauma and healing

Jynnette Lewis

On understanding ourselves through astrology and tarot

Ev’Yan Whitney

On sensuality and sexuality

Chimene Jackson

On writing as healing

Rachael Rice

On embracing loss, death and grief

Jes Baker    On body liberation

Jes Baker

On body liberation

Shelah Marie

On love and accountability


This program isn’t about me.
It’s about us.

This program isn’t about me knowing things you don’t. It’s about us learning something in real time at the same time, together.

This program isn’t about being lead by a guru. It’s about being invited on a journey where we share in the experience of discovering a new way to be with ourselves and one another.

This program isn’t about me helping you. It’s about us helping each other hold and create space for a new way of being to emerge where we aren’t so dependent on ways of being that aren’t working.

My job is to show up and hold the throughline. I’ll keep reminding us about the intentions we have set and the dreams we are cultivating. Your job is to keep showing up and doing the work with me.

Together we create a field of change that seeds liberation for all of us.

Let’s get free. Together.

LIFE IS HARD. We are all struggling to slow down, to learn to listen (to our bodies, our intuition, and each other), to find our voices and our people, to speak up more, to make room for grief and growth, to unpack our shit, to unhook from oppressive stories and systems, to connect our personal freedom to the freedom of all people-- to find what we lost.

I’m ready to live and be drastically different. I’m searching too.

Getting Free 2019 is created and facilitated by Melinda Alexander aka @MuMuMansion.

*10% of Program Proceeds will be split between Black Lives Matter , Radical Monarchs, FreeFrom, Black Mamas Bail Out, and other social justice causes.

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“Melinda's program is one of a kind. It is collaborative and diverse in what it offers, thoughtful and deep. Beyond all the hard work she's put into crafting, building and executing the program, there is also some work that happens just by the nature of her being herself, by attracting people that are respectful and fierce and inspirational all at the same time. I have felt like I am part of something truly special by being part of this group, no matter how much or how little I participated. Melinda is extremely respectful of the fact that people process things in different ways, and is good at reminding everyone in gentle ways that the space is judgment free and safe, which really creates room for beautiful and difficult and life-changing lessons. I highly recommend it to anyone who is interested in growing. I think no matter what path you're on, there is something to be learned from this program.”

“My body has become mine again. The body module, linked with the trauma module, has really helped me overcome judgment and hatred toward my body.”

“The Getting Free program has been life changing for the very nature of it's root being based in a woman representing herself as IN process and bringing us along for the dialogue. There is plenty of room to make mistakes, to work things out together, to not always have the answers even when you're the "expert". All these aspects of being human that I felt offered the opportunity to elevate the individual into genuine growth as opposed to many self-help models that are formulated on a one right way concept leaving those of us who may think or feel a little different actually feeling worse about ourselves. Melinda is unapologetically Melinda, full of sentimentalism, endless metaphors for life, and genuine love for humanity but especially women and our particular hurdles in a patriarchal society while always modeling how we white women can decentralize ourselves and elevate the women of color who exist in this same society with the added oppression our privilege affords us a pass on. I was in need of a role model but also a friend. The Getting Free program offed many, of both.”

“I signed up for Getting Free 2018 because I wanted to get back to myself after over a decade of hiding. Melinda's program taught me the tools to help me navigate this journey and then she and the community provided support and held me through every step. I could go on forever about the magic that is Melinda Alexander but the true heart of this program is the group of women that she attracts. How can there be so many vulnerable, beautiful, DOPEASS people all in one space, ready to grow right beside me in the journey to freeing ourselves? It's real and it's been manifested through and through in our Getting Free 2018 group. I'll be signing up again for 2019, the journey is just beginning.”

“This year has been extremely educational for me. I have learned that I am my greatest lover. I have felt the pain of my past and allowed it to move out of my story today. Melinda you have brought a joy into my life I didn't realize i needed so badly and I am forever grateful. I wish I could gift this program to everyone because it is an authentic path to self discovery that all humans deserve. Getting Free is a life saver.”

“The Getting Free program has been an incredible blessing. Through this program I have been given the tools and structure to learn, to reflect, to explore, to practice...all while being surrounded by a supportive community of incredibly brave women, each on their own unique journey. While the inner work I need to do can only be done by me and me alone, I have been infinitely grateful for Melinda's ability to pull diverse women together in community, to educate us, to liberate us, and to inspire us to continue the critically important work of "getting free”.

“Everybody wants to be heard/seen. Getting Free 2018 program gave us the space to do so. I’m 34 years old and was feeling stagnant in my life. I wasn’t sure what needed to change but I knew I needed support. This program gave me so much information and insight. From there, I spent months gathering resources to make moves. Changes are happening in my life, finally. I’ve accomplished many personal goals and continue to set new goals often. The time and money spent on this program (which translates to time and money spent on myself) has been worth every dollar and day. I’m signing up again next year because I am ready to GET FREE.”